How to Join

How to Join the 501st Legion and Alpine Garrison

In order to become a member of the 501st Legion, you must own a professional-quality “bad-guy” costume that conforms to the Costume Resource Library (CRL) Standards.

If you don’t have a costume yet, you are still welcome to join the forums as a cadet, and attend events as a handler (the eyes and ears of the costumers). This is also a great way to see the costumes up close and help you decide which costume you might want to build. There are also many resources available to help you as you build your costume.

While you are building your costume, you should start a Work In Process (WIP) thread on the Alpine Garrison forums, and the forum of the Detachment that oversees your costume. This will allow for feedback during the process, so you can learn from others and don’t make costly mistakes.

When you are ready to submit a costume for approval, you will need photos from several angles:

  • Front
  • Back
  • Each side
  • Bucket off (no helmet, if your costume requires a helmet)
  • Close up of any details that are specifically mentioned in the CRL
  • Action pose for your welcome announcement

Send these photos, a link to the CRL for the costume you want approved, and a link to your WIP thread(s) to (NOTE: For large photos (over 1 MB), please use a photo hosting service and include a link)

While you are waiting for a response, you can fill out the Legion application at

If you have any questions about this process, please ask on the forums, Comlink group on Facebook, or at